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I’ve been doing web stuff (web sites, web applications, data management, hosting, etc.) for nearly two decades (yes, some days I wonder where the time went). Every once in a while, you get a project where you can pull different elements of your skillsets together and tackle a big technological challenge. I love challenges. I love solving problems.

I love hearing “it would be nice if… but that’s probably not possible.” My brain starts spinning and my competitive instincts kick in.

A lot of the big projects I work on are solving business problems for companies. Typically automating some type of business process. Some examples:

  • auto-generating documents based on user-specific data from a database
  • capturing various types of data, like event registrations with a lot of variables
  • real-time shipping calculations for online stores consisting of products of various weights and sizes

Each project is unique and has it’s own set of business requirements and objectives to accomplish.

These types of mentally stimulating projects are what keep me sane. That probably seems weird, but hey… I love using technology to solve problems.

Do you have any business processes that would save you time and money if they were automated? Let me know estimates are FREE!

Solving the worlds problems, one project at a time!
— Iowa Web Guy

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